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Magdalen College

Welcome to the new JCR Website

About Us

Welcome to the student-run website of the Junior Common Room (JCR) of Magdalen College, Oxford! If you’re a prospective student, we encourage you to check out the “College Life” and “Prospective Students” sections first to learn more about our college!

The JCR is both the body of undergraduate students at Magdalen College and the physical space in college where we can all relax and enjoy. The JCR has a committee which represents the interests of JCR members in College and the University, and organises some of the best banquets and bops (amongst other things) in Oxford. To find out who is your current JCR committee, follow this link.

This website is for prospective students as well as current students. Current students will find useful information about what’s on, as well as links to useful sites and forms. Prospective students can learn a little about what life is like in Magdalen and Oxford.

College Life

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Check out the variety of sports you can get involved in at Magdalen

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Have a look at all the societies you can participate in at Magdalen



Find out about our more about 
what the JCR offers, how it is run, 
and how to get involved


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